The entire iPhone is also prone to doing the same thing on occasion. This is often inexplicable in the specific situation, but it can stem from not being synced often enough or having too many pages of unused iPhone applications. If it does lock up on it you need to do a forced “hard” reset. You do this by pressing and holding down both the Home and the Sleep and Awake button on top of the iPhone at the same time. This can cause a huge problem because it will seldom unfreeze on its own. Usually plugging in to power directly will not help this, but occasionally this will be enough of a jolt to get it going. The real resort here should be to plug it into your computer and sync it back with iTunes. This can be one of the main reasons to work consistently with your iPhone in conjunction with a computer instead of just trying to use iTunes and the App Store on your desktop. You can also try calling your iPhone from another phone to see if you are able to receive calls on it.

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