For liver unit registrations and transplantations, corresponding data comprised 15 quarters before the legislation and 45 quarters after. Regression coefficients for both level and trend were used to estimate the average absolute differences per quarter (using the mid point of the post intervention period; web appendix).We analysed paracetamol deaths using:The basic regression model (equation 1, web appendix), which assumed that pre existing trends in paracetamol deaths would have continued in the absence of the legislationThe basic regression model plus adjustment for potentially confounding trends in “all drug poisoning suicide deaths” and “all suicide deaths” by inclusion of “all drug suicide deaths excluding paracetamol” and “all suicide deaths excluding paracetamol” as covariatesA conservative estimate of the absolute effect, which assumed no increase in the incidence of paracetamol associated deaths after the legislation (in the absence of this intervention). In this conservative estimate, the absolute effect of the legislation was determined as the difference between the outcome expected at the last point of the pre intervention period and the mid point of the post intervention periodFor analysis of liver unit registrations and transplantations, we used the basic regression model and the conservative estimate analysis.We found some first order autocorrelation in the data; therefore, Cochrane Orcutt autoregression was used to adjust for this, and Durbin Watson statistics were close to the preferred value of 2.

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